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Make key chains from clay

Make key chains from clay

Make key chains from clay is an exciting creative activity. Clay is a very flexible material and allows us to create various shapes with unlimited uniqueness. In making key chains from clay, we can express creativity and make something unique and personal.

In this article, we’ll explore the steps required to make key chains from clay as well as creative tips that can improve the end result. Let’s find a way to bring a personal touch to every keychain we make using clay.

Make key chains from clay

What is Clay and Why is it Used to Make Key chains from clay?

Clay, or what is often called clay, is a material that is very flexible and easy to shape. This material is usually used in arts and crafts activities because of its ability to form various shapes according to our imagination.

Clay is often used to make key chains from clay because it is easy to work with, does not require complicated equipment, and allows us to create key chains with a variety of unique designs and textures. Clay’s ability to be dried or heated makes it ideal for creating personalized key chains that can be customized to your preferences.

Tools and Materials Needed to make key chains from clay

1.Clay: Clay is the main ingredient in make key chains from clay. You can choose various types of clay such as polymer clay which can be baked to harden or clay which is naturally dried. Choose clay that suits your design needs and desires.

2.Cutting Tools: To shape clay, you need cutting tools such as a cutter, small knife, or shape molding tool that can help you cut and shape the clay according to the desired design.

3.Molds: Molds can be a very helpful tool in creating shapes that are difficult to make by hand. You can use molds to make certain shapes that have fine details.

4.Sand Paper: Once the keychain is made and dried, sand paper is used to smooth the surface of the clay. This helps keep the surface of the keychain flatter and smoother.

5.Paint and Decorative Materials: If you want to add color or decoration to the keychain, prepare paint, ink, glitter, or other decorative materials. Use your creativity to add details that make the keychain more attractive.

6.Keychain: Lastly, make sure you have a keychain to attach to the clay keychain once it is made. Choose a key chain that suits the size and type of key chain you are making.

By preparing all these tools and materials, you can start the project of make key chains from clay more smoothly and produce unique works according to your creation and imagination.

Steps to Make a Keychain from Clay

1.Clay Preparation: Take a certain amount of clay according to the design you want to make. Make sure the clay is soft and easy to shape. Roll and shape the clay into the basic shape of a key chain according to your wishes.

2.Shape and Details: Use cutting tools or your hands to shape the clay into the desired shape. Add details such as interesting patterns, textures, or shapes to the clay to make the key chain from clay stand out.

3.Drying: Let the clay keychain dry according to the packaging instructions for the clay you are using. Usually, the drying process takes several days to a week depending on the thickness of the clay.

4.Surface Smoothing: Once the clay is dry, use sand paper to smooth the surface. This process helps the keychain have an even and smooth surface.

5.Coloring and Decorating: If you want to color or decorate your keychain, now is a great time. Use paint, ink, glitter or other decorative materials to give your keychain a creative touch according to your taste.

6.Installing the Keychain: Once the clay keychain has been decorated and is completely dry, attach the keychain to the top. Make sure the key chain is installed properly and firmly so that the key chain can be used safely.

By following these steps carefully, you will be able to make key chains from clay that suits your own creations and wishes.


Making key chains from clay is a fun and creatively satisfying activity. With a personal touch and creativity, you can create something special and valuable.

Find uniqueness and beauty in every key chain we create at Clay Garden Design. Our key chains are carefully crafted using high quality clay, providing a special personal touch to complement your style.

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