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How to Make Keychains With Airdry Clay

How to Make Keychains With Airdry Clay

Using airdry clay can be an interesting solution that is not only easy to do, but also produces interesting personal works of art. Follow this guide on How to Make Keychains With Airdry Clay

Getting to Know Airdry Clay

Airdry clay is a type of clay that is now increasingly popular among craftsmen. Unlike other types of clay which require a firing process, airdry clay, as the name suggests, only needs to be allowed to dry in the open air. This is what makes it a favorite choice for many people, especially for those who do not have access to a special oven or kiln for the firing process.

The materials used to make keychains with airdry clay

How to Make Keychains With Airdry Clay

How to make keychains with airdry clay is an attractive choice for many people, especially for those who like to be creative. The unique texture and flexibility of this type of clay allows us to create various shapes and designs easily. Here are the ingredients you will need:

1.Airdry Clay: This is the main ingredient you will need. This type of clay is specifically designed to dry itself without the need for a firing process. When choosing, try to buy good quality airdry clay that has a soft texture, is easy to shape, and can dry perfectly without leaving cracks.

2.Sports Knife or Cutter: This tool is essential to help you cut, sculpt, and shape the clay to your liking. Choose a knife that is sharp and comfortable to hold.

3.Wooden Roller: This simple tool is useful for leveling and smoothing the surface of clay, so you can get a consistent thickness throughout your work.

4.Molds: If you want more precise results or a specific shape, molds can be very helpful. There are many choices of molds in various shapes that you can buy at craft stores.

5.Acrylic Paint: Once the clay is dry, acrylic paint can be used to add color to your keychains with airdry clay. Choose your favorite colors or ones that match the design you want.

6.Brushes: With various sizes, brushes help you to apply paint more neatly and in detail.

7.Key Strap or Chain: This is the part that connects your piece to the key or other item. You can choose various types and colors according to your taste.

8.Finish Protector (Optional): Apply varnish or sealer after the paint dries to provide a protective layer on the keychain. This will make it more resistant to scratches and provide additional shine.

9.Additional Beads or Decorations (Optional): If you want to add a special touch, beads, glitter, or other decorations can be applied.

10.Hole Maker: This tool makes it easy to make neat holes in the clay where you will attach the rope or chain.

11.Water: A little water can be used to help smooth the surface or overcome clay that is too dry during shaping.

After we know what materials are how to make keychains with airdry clay, then you will know how to make keychains with airdry clay

How to Make Keychains With Airdry Clay

Making key chains with airdry clay is a fun creative activity and the results can be very satisfying. Here’s how to make keychains with airdry clay:

  1. Preparation of materials and tools
    Prepare the materials and tools you need such as airdry clay, sports knife or cutter, wooden roller, mold (if needed), acrylic paint, brush, rope or key chain, and hole maker.
  2. Preparing the Clay
    Take the amount of clay as needed. Knead the clay with your hands until it is soft and elastic. If the clay feels too dry, you can add a little water to make modeling easier.
  3. Form a Keychain
    Use your hands, a knife, and a wooden roller to shape the clay into the design you want. If you want neater results, you can use a mold.
  4. Make a Hole for the Rope/Chain
    Before the clay is completely dry, use a hole maker to make a hole in the top of your clay shape. Make sure the hole is large enough to insert the key strap or chain.
  5. Drying
    Place the clay mold in a flat, dry place. Leave it for 24-48 hours until completely dry. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight to prevent the clay from cracking.
  6. Coloring
    Once the clay is completely dry, you can start coloring it with acrylic paint. Use a brush to apply the color according to your wishes. Let the paint dry completely.
  7. Installation of Ropes or Chains
    Once the paint is completely dry, insert the rope or key chain through the hole you made previously.
  8. Final Coating (Optional)
    For a longer lasting and shiny result, you can apply a layer of varnish or sealer to the shape of your key chain. Let it dry completely before using.
  9. Done!
    Now, your unique key chain is ready to be used or given as a gift to someone close to you.

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